We are ready to assist you with our wide selection of Oriental and Persian rugs in traditional, tribal, classic, oriental, modern, shaggy, and kilim styles

Our Collections

In our showroom, we carry the finest selection of Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Indian rugs, Afghan rugs, and Oriental rugs.

Emperor Rugs Gallery is specialized in handmade rugs with our family’s 32 years of experience in this field.

We offer a wide selection of rugs in different sizes, shapes, and materials in our showroom. Among 2000+ rugs we carry, you may find one-of-a-kind luxurious rugs that are handmade with silk, wool, or silk-wool blend as well as fine quality synthetic machine rugs that are suitable for all budgets.

We will be happy to give you a tour in our large showroom, tell you the stories about the rug art, and help you find a rug that you will love.

The Art of Rugs

The creation of an Oriental Rug contains the artist’s statement to all mankind—a testimony that he lived, loved and triumphed over his harsh environment. The colors are the emotional feelings the artist has within himself—these artists dwell in regions where bright flowers and plants are practically nonexistent, so they must use their imaginations to communicate the beauty that is born in their soul.

Oriental Rugs are created primarily from quality wool or silk, which is knotted into a cotton foundation. Wool is a critical factor in the quality of an Oriental Rug. The wearing characteristics of the wool are dependent on several factors, such as climate and pasturage.

Intensive use of a good wool Oriental Rug over the course of time gradually polishes the wool, and create a wonderful sheen as the natural oils come to the surface. In fact, an older rug sometimes looks as though it is made of silk instead of wool.

The Persian lamb is widely known for its excellent wool. However, Turkey, the Caucasus, Turkestan, India, Pakistan and China all produce wool fully equal to that from Persia. The hill regions in these countries, where the climate is often cooler, produce sheep that provide stronger and more pliable wool.

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